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China Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Sales 41 branch has strong technical force, complete testing methods, 750 large equipment (sets) and 16 assembly production lines. Stable product quality and flexible business methods. There are more than 680 varieties of "zyc" products on the national announcement catalog. Many of these models, such as sprinkler trucks, garbage trucks, sewage suction trucks, manure suction trucks and other sanitation series vehicles, enjoy national vehicle purchase tax-free conditions.

Our company has a research and development team of 78 people including more than ten senior titles and advanced education. The company's testing methods are advanced, complete and complete, with various advanced testing and testing equipment; universal hydraulic tensile testing machine, low temperature impact testing machine, far-infrared high-frequency carbon and sulfur analyzer, four-ten thousand imported electronic balances, twelve Hundred times of gold mirror microscope, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, industrial X-ray flaw detector, imported thickness gauge, water pressure, pneumatic equipment, can carry out physical and chemical tests, pressure tests, non-destructive testing of various A2, C2 pressure vessel projects, There are heat treatment and flaw detection rooms. There are more than 30 senior and middle-level testing qualification personnel, and national and provincial special equipment inspection experts are resident in the company for technical guidance and quality supervision and inspection, which effectively guarantees the reliability and safety of the product.

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Create outstanding service enterprises; create customer satisfaction products; establish domestic well-known brands.

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Implement GB / T9001-2000 standard, establish and maintain and continuously improve the quality management system.

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Sticking to quality is sticking to our lives.

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Provide 24-hour hotline service: 0086-371-60922096.

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